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The Problemist, January 2014
Written by Michael McDowell   

In the January issue John Rice reviewed awards from the WCCC at Batumi, Diyan Kostadinov presented the first part of an article on KoBul Kings, and Álvaro Pereira gave a short personal reflection on problem composition in Portugal. Awards included Helpmate Moremovers 2011 (judge Henry Tanner), Helpmates Threemovers 2012 (judge Hans Peter Rehm) and Selfmates 2012 (judge Mike Prcic). Browsing in the library examined the Christmas book from 1911 Running the Gauntlet. Articles in the Supplement covered two-movers featuring tail-pin by withdrawal, 5-fold Stocchi blocks, and problems by Russian composer Igor Kochulov (all by Geoff Foster), the Goethart theme (David Shire) and Growing Men: Solo for White King (by Ronald Turnbull).

The January magazines were accompanied by a special publication in memory of the late Chris Reeves, entitled The Original Christopher Reeves. This presents 114 problems, with commentary by David Shire and additional contributions from Don Smedley, John Rice and Marjan Kovacevic. Copies of the booklet are obtainable from BCPS Treasurer Paul Valois at a cost of £3.50.

Christopher Reeves

US Problem Bulletin, 1963


Mate in 2

1.Bd6? Re7! (2.Sd6?)
1.Bc7? Be7! (2.Qc8?)
1.Bf4? Rd3! (2.Rf1?)
1.Bd4? Bd3! (2.Sd4?)

1.Bb8! (>2.Bxe4)
1...Re7 2.Bd6
1...Be7 2.Qc8
1...Rd3 2.Rf1
1...Bd3 2.Sd4

Each of the tries by the bishop fails because it prevents White from exploiting one of Black’s Grimshaw interferences.


Christopher Reeves

Problem, 1974


Mate in 2

Try 1.Sxd4? (>2.Rc8)
1...e6 2.Sxf6
1...e5 2.Rc7
1...Qxc3+ 2.Rxc3
1...Ke4+ 2.Qxf5
1...Qxd4 2.Rxd4

Key 1.Kb4! (>2.Rxf6)
1...e6+ 2.Rc5
1...e5+ 2.Rd6
1...Qxc3+ 2.Sxc3
1...Ke4 2.Re6

A problem which illustrates Chris’s readiness to “break the rules” in search of originality. There are four interesting changes, but the pieces at h5 and e8 have no post-key functions. Chris held the opinion that the solution of a problem consists of the play which appears in all the phases, hence for him the convention that all the white force should be used in the post-key play was an ideal but not a hard and fast rule.


Viktor Chepizhny

1st Prize, The Problemist, 2012


Helpmate in 3: 2 solutions

1.e1S Qa3 2.Rxh4 Qe7+ 3.Kf5 Sxh4
1.e1B Qxc4 2.gxf3 Qe6+ 3.Kg5 Sxf3

Zilahi with dual avoidance unpins at move one.

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