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The Problemist, March 2014
Written by Michael McDowell   

The March issue featured a report on the final of the 2014 Winton Capital British Chess Solving Championship, won by John Nunn. Articles included Barry Barnes on Mutual White Interference and David Shire on Recent developments in the English Nowotny. Browsing in the library covered diagrammes Volume Special No.2 1992-95, while two informal awards were published, Fairies 2011 (section1 - series problems), judged by Eric Huber and Moremovers 2014, judged by Dolf Wissmann. The Supplement featured the first part of an article by David Shire on the work of A. F. Mackenzie. Other articles included Growing Men: Expanding to a standstill, by Ronald Turnbull, a selection of the work of Bohemian composer Josef Cumpe, and some single-phase two-move helpmate from decades past.

B. G. Laws & A. F. Mackenzie

HM., Chess Monthly, 1885


Mate in 2

1.Rh4 Waiting

1...Ke3 2.Re2
1...Kc3 2.Se2
1...Ke4 2.Sd5
1...Kxc4 2.Rc2
1...Ke5 2.Sh5
1...Kc5 2.Sd3
1...f any 2.Se6
1...c5 2.Sd5

A famous task, showing different mates after six flights.


Josef Cumpe

Eskilstuna Kuriren, 1921


Mate in 3

1.Bh7 Waiting

1...Kc4 2.Rh5 a5 3.d3
1...Kxc5 2.Bg8 a5 3.d4
1...a5 2.Bd3 Kxc5 3.Rb5

Three models. The pawn mates show a chameleon echo.


Ado Kraemer

2nd Prize, Otto Fuss Tourney, 1942


Mate in 3

1.Rcg1 Waiting

1...Bc5 2.Sxc5 hxg1Q 3.Sd7
1...Bxg1 2.Sf2 Bxf2 3.Rb1
1...hxg1Q 2.Rh8 > 3.Rb8

The key must cope with the potential stalemate after 1...Bc5.

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