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The Problemist, May 2002
Written by Michael McDowell   

The May 2002 Problemist featured a tribute to our past President Robin Matthews on his 75th birthday. Robin has long been renowned as one of the world's leading composers of three-movers, and his work can be enjoyed in the Editions feenschach-Phenix publication Mostly Three-Movers.

R. C. O. Matthews

1st Prize, British Chess Magazine, 1952


Mate in 3

1.Bh6? (>2.Sd4) 1…f5! (2.Sg5??).
1.Bc1? (>2.Sd4) 1…c2! (2.Sd2??).
White therefore introduces a threat that forces the e4 bishop to move critically over f5 and c2:
1.Bh5 (>2.g5+ Sg4 3.Bxg4);
(if 1…f5 2.gxf5+)
1…Bg6 2.Bh6 (>3.Sd4) f5/c2/Ke4 3.Qd3/Sd2/Qe2.
1…Bb1 2.Bc1 (>3.Sd4) c2/f5/Ke4 3.Qd3/Sg5/Qe2

Barry Barnes presented the award in his experimental tourney for helpmates in 1. First prize went to the Finnish composer Unto Heinonen , for an interesting matrix which features a unusual cycle of black interferences.

Unto Heinonen

1st Prize, The Problemist H#1 Ty., 2001


Helpmate in 1: 4 solutions

1.Re4 Rb6;
1.Bb7 Qf8;
1.Rg7 Qe1;
1.Bd4 Qc4.

A full report on the 2002 Residential Weekend at Cheltenham included a number of awards from Quick Composing Tourneys. The helpmate tourney asked for problems featuring the capture of a promoted piece, and first place went to a quartet of Dutch visitors.

Peter Bakker, Dirk Borst, Ruud Beugelsdijk & Piet le Grand

1st Prize, Cheltenham Quick Composing Ty., 2002


Helpmate in 2: (b) remove wSc7

(a) 1.d1S Sd5 2.Se3 Sxe3 (1.d1R? 2.??);
(b) 1.d1R g8B 2.Rd5 Bxd5 (1.d1S? 2.??).

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