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The Problemist, March 2003
Written by Michael McDowell   

Articles from the March issue included: The classical study: an introduction to the world of chess composition? by David Shire; an update on improvements to task records, by Sir Jeremy Morse; and a review by Colin Sydenham of the work produced by Barry Barnes, Michael Lipton and John Rice in the last fifteen years.

A Selesniev

Fizkulturnik Ukrainy, 1933
(version by A. van Tets, 1987)


Black to move: White wins

1...Ka6 prevents White from promoting to queen or rook. 2.b8B? leaves the wrong bishop for promoting the a-pawn, while after 2.b8S+? Kb6 both 3.Sd7+ Kc6 4.Se5+ Kc5 5.Sd3+ Kc4 6.Sb2+ Kb3 and 3.Kd7 Kc5 4.Sa6+ Kb6! lead to a draw.

White needs to attack the a7 pawn, hence the seemingly paradoxical 2.Kb8! There follows 2...Kb6 3.Ka8 Ka6 4.b8S+ Kb6 5.Sd7+ Kc6 6.Se5+ Kc5 7.Sd3+ Kc4 8.Sb2+ Kb3 9.Kxa7 winning.

M Winkler

Die Schwalbe, 1936


Mate in 2

A task problem showing four defences which combine unpin of Black with unpin of White. The thematic key pins both pieces which are subsequently unpinned.

1.Rf2 (2.Sh7)

1...Rcf3 2.Qxe5;
1...Rhf3 2.Qxh4;
1...Sef3 2.Qe7;
1...Shf3 2.Qxf5.

Michael Lipton & John Rice

1st Prize, StrateGems, 2000


Mate in 3

An original combination of the Grimshaw theme with castling.

1.f5 (2.Qe3+ Kg2 3.Qxe4);
1...Rd3 2.0-0 threat 3.Se1;
1...Bd3 2.0-0-0 threat 3.Se1;
1...Rd1+ 2.Kxd1 etc.

Also featured were the award in the Alex Casa 70th Birthday Tourney and the Norman Macleod Award for 2000-2001. The highlight of the Supplement was an article by Chris Reeves on his attempts to improve a classic Mansfield two-mover.

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