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The Problemist, May 2004
Written by Michael McDowell   

The May issue contained a full report on the BCPS Residential Weekend at Pitlochry. Jeremy Morse presented the seventh update of his books Tasks and Records, and John Rice introduced a new fairy piece, the Equistopper. For the historically minded there were articles examining early examples of threemovers featuring the Schiffmann theme, and early problems featuring en passant keys. Various awards were published: Retros for 2001-2002, judged by Thomas Brand; Helpmates in Two for 2003, judged by David Shire, and Fairies for 2001, judged by Christian Poisson. In the Supplement Barry Barnes discussed alternative versions of a famous two-mover by Godfrey Heathcote.

D. Stojnic & M. Babic
(after A. C. White & A. Bell)

The Problemist, 2004


Mate in 13

A new record of 13 consecutive double checks (with a 14th in a side variation).

1.c8S++ Kf6
2.Rg6++ Kf5
3.Rf6++ Ke5
4.Rf5++ Ke4
5.Re5++ Kd4
6.Re4++ Kd3
7.Rd4++ Kc3
8.Rd3++ Kc2
9.Rc3++ Kb2
10.Rc2++ Kb1
11.Rb2++ Ka1
12.Rb1++ Kxa2
If 10...Ka3 11.Bb2+ Ka4 12.Sc5++/ Kb4 13.Ba3# or 11...Kxa2 12.Sb4++ Kb1 13.Ra1#

Jean Haymann

1st HM., The Problemist, 2003


Helpmate in 2: 2 solutions

A helpmate whose elegance appealed to the judge. The critical moves and subsequent shut-off of the initially half-pinned black rooks are combined with anti-critical moves of the white bishops.

1.Sc5 Be4 2.Rb3 d3
1.Rc4 Be5 2.Sb2 d4

Michel Caillaud

1st HM., The Problemist, 2001-2002


Proof game in 7.75 moves: 2 solutions

1.e4 Sh6 2.Qg4 Sf5
3.Qxg7 Sh4 4.Qxh7 Bh6
5.Qxh6 f5 6.Qe3 f4
7.d3 fxe3 8.Sd2 Kg8 (=½ O-O)

1.d3 Sh6 2.Qd2 Sf5
3.Qh6 Sh4 4.Qxh7 f5
5.Qxg7 f4 6.Qxf8+ Kxf8
7.Sd2 Kg8 8.e4 f4-e3 (=½ fxe3 e.p.)

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