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The Problemist, July 2004
Written by Michael McDowell   

Articles featured in the July issue included Chris Reeves on “Tertiary Threat Correction”, Allan Bell on “Proof game promotion effects after 5/6 ...d1S” and David Shire on “Developments in battery play in the two-mover”. John Rice reported on the problemist meetings at Andernach and Messigny. In the Supplement Ignaas Vandemeulebroucke discussed the 19th century origins of the Plachutta theme.

Andrei Lobusov

5th HM., The Problemist, 1975


Mate in 2

From David Shire’s article, a one-phase two-mover in ‘traditional’ style, built around an excellent flight-giving key and ensuing Schiffmann strategy.

1.Qc5 (2.Sf3)
1...Kd2 2.e4 (2.e3?)
1...Rxe2 2.Qc2
1...Sxe2 2.Sc2
1...Sxd3 2.Sxd3
1...Sxg2 2.Sxg2

Marko Ylijoki

Prize, The Problemist, 2002


Helmpate in 6.5

Judge Piotr Murdzia was impressed by this combination of rundlaufs by both the black king and queen.

2.Kb5+ Kb8
3.Qc6 Bc8
4.Kb6 Bxd7
5.Qb5 Bxe6
6.Kc6+ Kc8
7.Qb6 Bd7

N. Glinski

1st Prize=, Zadachi i Etyudy, 2002


Mate in 3

An old-fashioned Bohemian-style problem quoted by Don Smedley in his selected three-movers. After a flight-giving key, two anticipatory selfblocks are followed by sacrifices to produce model mates. A third model follows when Black takes the flight.

1.Kg2 (2.Sf3+ Ke3 3.Qe5) 1...Sf6 2.Qb6+ Kxe5 3.Bd6 (2...Kc3 3.Qb4) 1...d2 2.Qc3+ Kxc3 3.Se2 1...Ke3 2.Sg4+ Kd2 3.Qa5 (2...Kd4 3.Qc5)

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