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The Problemist, September 2004
Written by Michael McDowell   

In the September issue Chris Reeves gave his team-leader’s report on the British performance in the 7th WCCT, where Great Britain finished 11th of the 30 participating countries. Jeremy Morse presented the seventh update of his book Chess Problems: Tasks and Records, while Michael McDowell annotated a selection of the work of C.G. Watney. Book reviews covered the FIDE Album for 1995-97 and new collections of the works of Paros, Guidelli and Gamage. The Brian Harley Award for threemovers published in 2000-2002 was published along with the moremovers and helpmates in two awards for 2002. The Supplement featured problems from the Solving Tourney at the Mindsports Olympiad in Manchester, and more from Barry Barnes on the reworking of a Heathcote two-mover.

Peter Olszewski

2nd Prize, The Problemist, 2002


Mate in 4

A paradoxical idea. Twice White sacrifices his queen on a square just unguarded by a lesser piece, following up with a switchback mate. In the threat it is the bishop and rook which sacrifice themselves to allow a queen mate.

1.Qg3 (2.Bxg4+ fxg4 3.Rxh4+ gxh4 4.Qe5)
1...e5 2.Rf1 threat 3.Qxh4+ Kxh4 4.Rh1; 3...gxh4 4.Rxf5
1...Rb5 2.Bd3 threat 3.Qxg4+ Kxg4 4.Be2; 3...fxg4 4.Bg6

Charles G. Watney (after C. Promislo)

2nd Prize, Class B, Our Folder, February, 1922


Mate in 2

Watney was one of Britain’s most successful contributors to the magazine of the Good Companions in the early 1920s. This highly complex two-mover features three variations combining half-pin with cross-checks, and there are three double-pin mates.

1.Sxd6 (2.Qc8)
1...Qxd6+ 2.Sc5
1...Sxd6+ 2.Rd4
1...Qd4+ 2.Sc4
1...S random + 2.Sc4
1...Qxd5 2.Sf7
1...Sb6/Sc7 2.Sc7
1...exd6 2.Qe8

Walter Byas

The Observer, 1934


Mate in 2

A two-mover which served as a gentle and pleasant starter for the solvers in the Mindsports Olympiad Solving Tourney. There are set knight mates at b5 and e6 after random moves of the black queen and knight, but strong moves such as 1...Se4, 1...f3 and 1...fxg5 must be catered for. A pretty flight-giving ambush key does the job.

1.Qh5 (2.Sf3)
1...Ke5 2.Sf3
1...gxh5 2.Sf5
1...f any 2.Qh8
1...Qxd5 2.Sxb5
1...S any 2.Se6

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