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The Problemist, January 2005
Written by Michael McDowell   

The January magazines contained the text of two lectures, one by John Rice on the series of tourneys run by the BCPS and financed by the BCF between 1929 and 1980, the other by American composer Bob Lincoln, who presented a personal selection of his favourite problems. A number of recent British awardwinners were highlighted, and informal tourney awards published for Studies 2002-2003 and Fairies 2003. In the Library featured a review by Stephen Emmerson of the classic selfmate collection Fata Morgana.

Vincent L. Eaton & Gerald F. Anderson

1st Prize, BCF Ty. No. 88, 1957-1958


Mate in 3

1.Se3 (2.Se7+ Kb6 3.Sc4, Sd5)
1...Rgxe3 2.Qf3+ Rxf3 3.d5; 2…Kb6 3.Qb7
1...Rexe3 2.Qe2 (3.Qxa6) Rxe2 2.d5; 2…Rd3 3.Qe6
1...Bxe3 2.Qf4 (3.Qd6) Bxf4 3.d5; 2…Kb6 3.Qd6
1...Sxe3 2.Qc2+ S any 3.d5
1...Kb6 2.Sc4+ Kc6 3.d5

The 1957-58 tourney for three-movers was one of the strongest of the BCF Tourneys, and first prize went to the famous Anglo-American partnership of Anderson and Eaton. After the flight-giving key, captures of the knight lead to four queen continuations which draw the capturing piece off the line to allow 3.d5.

C. J. Feather

1st HM., Orbit, 2001


Helpmate in 2: 2 solutions

Try 1.Rh3 ?? 2.Rb3 B mates
1.Qb1 Sg7 (Se7?) 2.Qb3 Be5
1.Rg3 Se7 (Sg7?) 2.Rb3 Bd6

A lucid scheme from the leading British composer of helpmates. Something must block b3 before the white battery can open. An attempt with the h-rook fails because White has no waiting move. Queen and g-rook can block, leaving White to close the seventh rank. In each line the mating move reclaims a square unguarded by the shut-off.

Dr. Werner Speckmann

Shakhmaty v SSSR, 1965


Mate in 2
(b) Remove wPc6
(c) Further remove wBb7
(d) Further remove wBa5

a) 1.c8S+ Kb8 2.c7
b) 1.c8B Kb8 2.Sc6
c) 1.c8R Ka6 2.Ra8
d) 1.c8Q Kb6 2.Qb7

As a noted composer of miniatures in his own right it is natural that Bob Lincoln should quote from the work of the late expert on the genre. There are a number of miniature two-movers which combine the four promotions, but the unified twinning (which has been called the “striptease” theme...) makes this problem memorable.

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