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The Problemist, May 2006
Written by Michael McDowell   

The May issue featured a full report on this year’s BCPS weekend, held at Derby. One of the highlights of the meeting was Chris Reeves’ Presidential Lecture, a survey of the two-movers of Colin Sydenham, the text of which was reproduced. Articles included Bob Burger on “The Algorithm as a composing tool”, John Rice on the fairy form Couscous Circe, and in the Supplement the Australian duo Geoff Foster and Bob Meadley on problems from the Brisbane Courier column, published between 1916 and 1928. Michael Lipton presented alternative versions of a classic triple-Grimshaw two-mover by Simkhovich. “Browsing in the Library” discussed White to play by A. C. White, and a sizeable new book Minimalkunst im Schach, by Hilmar Ebert, Hans Peter Reich and Jörg Kuhlmann (containing 1064 diagrams!) was reviewed. The Brian Harley award for two-movers 2001-2002 was published, won by Geoff Foster.

Colin Sydenham

Comm., The Problemist, 1982/I


Mate in 2

1.Rc6 (>2.Bxg6)
1...Bxb1 2.Qf7
1...Rxb2 2.Qh5
1...e6 2.Qd7
1...e5 2.Qh1

Despite the strong key, a lightly-set and very aesthetic problem whose variations fall neatly into two pairs, with loss of control from the rear and interference in front of the queen.

William Meredith

Dubuque Chess Journal, December, 1886


Mate in 2

1.Qh5 zugzwang
1...gxh5 2.Sf5
1...Kxe3 2.Bc5
1...Se5 2.Bc5
1...dS else 2.Qh8
1...aS any 2.Sc2

Mates are set for all moves in the diagram. The sacrificial flight-giving key adds two move variations. A classic, which inspired A. C. White to make the collection White to play.

Abram Gurvich

1st Prize, Vechernyaya Moskva, 1930


White to play and win

1.S6c7 a1S+ (the only way to stop Bb6 mate)
2.Kb2 Sb3!
3.Kxb3 Bc5 (aiming for stalemate)
4.Bh2 Bg1 (if 4…Bd6 5.Sb6! wins)
5.Bf4! Be3
6.Sb6!! Bxb6 (if 6…Bxf4 7.Sc4 mate, or 6…Kxb6 7.Sd5+ and 8.Sxe3 wins, which explains the bishop’s choice of f4)
7.Bd2 mate.

A beautiful miniature, quoted by Studies editor Yochanan Afek as an example of the study theme for the 8th WCCT (see the PCCC website).

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