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The Problemist, July 2006
Written by Michael McDowell   

Articles in the July issue included an update by Jeremy Morse of his book Chess Problems Tasks and Records, a review by Michael McDowell of G. W. Chandler's famous column in the Hampshire Telegraph and Post, Geoff Foster and Bob Meadley on an unusual figure from Australian problem history, Henry Tate, and Klaus Wenda on “Defensive retractors with forward defence”. John Rice presented a selection of Christopher Jones' award-winning helpmates, reports on this year's meetings at Andernach and Messigny, and a brief introduction to a new fairy form called Take & make chess. Browsing in the library covered G. F. Anderson's collection of Kriegspiel problems, entitled Are there any? while Yochanan Afek reviewed the recently published “catch-up” volume XI of the endgame study magazine EG. In the Supplement Paul Valois examined reflexmates involving black prevention of white mates.

Gerhard Maleika

Probleemblad, 1980


Mate in 2

1.d4 (-)
1...Sc any 2.Ke7
1...Sg any 2.Kxf5
1...Bxg5+ 2.Kxg5
1...h6 2.Kg6
1...Rxf7+ 2.Kxf7
1...Rd8 2.cxd8Q
1...Re8 2.fxe8Q
1...Rg8 2.fxg8Q

An unusual task. Eight variations follow a key move which stalemates White!

G. H. Geothart

1st Prize, Hampshire Telegraph and Post, 1916-1919


Mate in 2

Set 1...Rc4+ 2.Sc6
1...Rc3+ 2.Bxc3

1.Sc5 (>2.Se6)
1...Rc4 2.Sxd3
1...Rc3 2.Be3
1...Kxc5 2.Qxa7
1...Bxc5 2.Qg4

An unexpected sacrificial key converts two prominent set checks into pins, with changed mates.

Ilham Aliev

2nd Prize, Suomen Tehtäväniekat, 2001-2002


White to play and win

1.O-O+ Kg8
2.Rf8+ Kxf8
3.gxh7 Rb1+
4.Kg2 Rb2+
5.Kg3 Rb3+
6.Kg4 Rb4+ (Not 6.Kh4? g5+ 7.Kxg5 Kg7)
7.Kg5 Rh4!
8.Kxh4 g5+
9.Kxg5 Kg7
10.h8Q+ Kxh8
11.Kh6 Kg8
12.Kg6 Kf8
13.Kh7 wins.

A pleasant study showing an original blend of known ideas.

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