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The Problemist, November 2006
Written by Michael McDowell   

In the November issue John Rice presented some problems by C. M. Fox, who composed over 900 problems despite beginning at the late age of 55. Lecture reports included John Ling on the analysis of black correction and (in the Supplement) Colin Russ’ selection of “Some problems for pleasure”. Bulgarian composer Diyan Kostadinov continued his exposition of the Zabunov theme, and Michael Lipton presented variations on a problem by Adabashev. Awards included Selfmates >3 for 2004, Two-movers 2004, Three-movers 2004 and Hans Gruber’s judgment of a theme tourney for helpmates featuring a static white queen. Browsing in the library went back to 1890 to cover B. G. Laws’ treatise on the two-move chess problem. In the Supplement John Rice presented some two-move mutates and David Shire examined a Sushkov/Nowotny matrix.

Sally and Tony Lewis

1st Prize, The Problemist, 2004


Mate in 2

Set 1...Se7 2.Rd5
1...Qc5 2.Re6
1.Qe4? (>2.Rd5) 1...Bxe5 2.Qxe5, but 1...Qxa5!
1.Qe3? (>2.Rd5) 1...Qxa5 2.Qc5 but 1...Sf7!
1.Qh5? (>Re6) 1...Sf7 2.Qg6 but 1...Rd5!

1.Bc1! (>2.Qf6)
1...Kxe5 2.Qf4
1...Bxe5 2.Bxa3
1...Rd5 2.Qxd5
1...Bc4 2.Sxc4

Described by the judge, Marjan Kovacevic, as “a natural fusion of Beauty and Logic”. Like the Millour more-mover from the September issue a successful adaptation of an old Sam Loyd problem, namely the famous “American Indian” published in the New York Sunday Herald in 1889. The tries, all of which are refuted by interference strategy, caused havoc when this problem was used in the British Solving Final of 2004.

Les Blackstock

1st Prize, Static White Queen TT, 2005-2006


Helpmate in 5: 2 solutions

1.Qf3 gxf3
2.Se4 fxe4
3.Sd5 exd5
4.Bc6 dxc6
5.Ba7 c7

1.Sf5 g4+
2.Ka7 gxf5
3.Qe6 fxe6
4.Bd7 exd7
5.Sc8 dxc8S

It was a requirement of the tourney that the presence of the static white queen had to be essential. Here, using a bishop would create an illegal position. Given the strength of a queen combined with the helpmate condition it was an achievement to use so little cookstopping force. With this problem the composer, who is well known to the playing fraternity, joined the select band who have won a first prize with their first composition.

E. Delpy

Deutsches Wochenschach, 1908


Mate in 5

1.h4 e2
2.Bc2 dxc2
3.Rb3 any
4.Rh3 any
(1...Ke2 2.Bxd1+ Ke1 3.Bf3+)

One of Colin Russ’ “problems for pleasure” and an entertaining solving challenge. Colin was unable to find any other problems by Delpy and would welcome more information on him.

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