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The Problemist, July 2007
Written by Michael McDowell   

The July issue contained the latest update by Jeremy Morse of his Chess Problems: Tasks and Records, and the text of a lecture by David Shire on the two-movers of Marjan Kovacevic. Awards included Selfmates for 2005 and the Brian Harley Award for two-movers covering 2003-04. John Rice reported on the meetings at Andernach and Messigny, and reviewed Mike Prcic’s new collection of the work of Viktor Chepizhny. Browsing in the library covered an article by J. W. Allen on the development of the chess problem which was originally published in BCM in 1903-04. In the Supplement John Rice discussed two fairy pieces, the Princess and the Empress, while Steve Giddins presented his choice of 8 books on composition to take to a desert island.

Marjan Kovacevic

v. 1st Prize=, Pula Internet Ty., 1997


Mate in 2

Try 1.Qc1? (>2.Qf4)
1...Sac4 2.Sexd4
1...Sdc4 2.Sfxd4

Key 1.Re1! (>2.Re5)
1...Sac4 2.Sfxd4
1...Sdc4 2.Sexd4
1...Se4 2.exd4
1...Qa5, Qb5 2.Sfxd4

An astonishing reciprocal change with both thematic defences on the same square and both mates on the same square. The imaginative mechanism repays close study.

Charles Pelle

Chess, 1958


Mate in 2

1.Qf5 (>2.Sb5)
1...Re4 2.Qd5
1...d6 2.Qe5
1...d5 2.Qd3
1...Sd6, Sc7 2.Qe5
1...Qe4, Qc6 2.Sxe2
1...Be5 2.Qxe5, Qd3

The Pelle theme requires that key, defence and mate should all be moves of a pinned piece along the pin-line. Here the first two variations show the inventor of the theme doubling his idea.

Leonid Kubbel

150 Chess Studies, 1925


White to play and win

1.c6! bxc6 (If 1…Qa1 2.Bf6+)
2.Bc7+ Kd4
3.Ba5! (>4.Bc3+ Kc5/Kxc4 5.d4+/d3+) Qxf2
4.Bb6+ c5
5.Bxc5+ Kxc5
6.Se4+ wins.

Taken from the 1963 book The Tactics of End Games, by Jenö Bán, Steve Giddins’ choice as the best introduction to studies for the over-the-board player.

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