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The Problemist, September 2007
Written by Michael McDowell   

Articles in the September issue included a report by Ian Watson on the 2007 European Chess Solving Championship, David Shire asking “What does the composer want you to see?” and a selection of recent British tourney successes. Awards included helpmates in 2 for 2005, helpmates in 3 for 2003 and the C. M. Bent Memorial Tourney for studies. Browsing in the library covered Vybrané Šachové Skladby, the personal collection of Vladimir Pachman, while John Rice reviewed an important new book The art of composing selfmates, by the master of the genre, Petko Petkov. In the Supplement John Rice explained Nietvelt defences and presented a selection of problems by the late Swiss task expert Jacques Fulpius, while Geoff Foster discussed a favourite problem.

Milan Velimirovic

2nd Prize, Liga Problemista TT, 2000


Mate in 2

Set 1…Ke3 2.Bxc5
1...Kxc4 2.Qxc5
1...Ke5 2.Qd5

1.Sxc5 (>2.Qe4)
1...Ke3 2.Sb7
1...Kxc4 2.Sd3
1...Ke5 2.Sd7
1...Bd5, Bf5 2.Sxb3
1...Sxc5 2.Sxf3

A notable task, showing changed pin mates after three flights.

Mikael Grönroos

2nd Prize, The Problemist, 2005


Helpmate in 2: 2 solutions

1.Qxa8 Rxg8+ 2.Qxg8 Bxh6
1.Qxc1 Bxh6+ 2.Qxh6 Rxg8

Spectacular sweeping manoeuvres eliminate the unwanted guards on the mating squares.

Vladimir Pachman

4th Prize, Ceskoslovensky Sach, 1950


White to play and win

1.Sc6? Bc7 2.Bc6??

1.Bc6? Sc7 2.Sc6??

1.Bf6+! Kg8
2.Sc6 Bc7
3.Se7+ K any
4.Bc6 wins.

If 1...Kh7
2.Bc6 Sc7
3.Be4+ Kg8
4.Sc6 wins.

White must win a piece, but direct attack fails because knight and bishop get in each other’s way. A preliminary check forces Black to weaken his position, allowing a tempo-gaining check in each line.

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