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The Problemist, March 2007
Written by Michael McDowell   

The March issue contained a report on the Final of the 2006-2007 Winton Capital British Chess Solving Championship, won by World Champion Piotr Murdzia, with runner-up John Nunn taking the British title. Articles included James Quah on the Roman Theme and Michael Lipton on “Multiple pins of the black queen in miniature three-movers”, while in the Supplement Ian Watson discussed “Superhuman Studies” and John Rice explained the Dombrovskis theme and presented a selection of the work of the late Italian composer Guido Cristoffanini. There were full obituaries of Aurel Karpati and Marcel Segers. The award for helpmates in 2½ and 3 moves (judge Rolf Wiehagen) was published. Browsing in the Library covered The Danish Wizard, the 1963 collection of the work of Knud Hannemann.

Fadil Abdurahmanovic

2nd Prize, The Problemist, 2005


Helpmate in 2½: 2 solutions

1...Ra6 2.Qxg6 Rxg6 3.Kc3 Rg3
1…Bg8 2.Qxb3 Bxb3 3.Ke4 Bc2

Attractive and harmonious solutions in which the existing batteries are destroyed and a new indirect battery created from the original rear pieces.

Knud Hannemann

3rd Prize, Nederlandsch-Indische Schaakbond, 1929


Mate in 3

1.Rb1 (>2.Rc1+ Kb3 3.Rc3, Rxd3)

1...Rc6 2.Sge4 (>3.Rb4)
1...Bc6 2.Be7 (>3.Rb4)
1...Sc6 2.Rd5 (>3.Rc5)
1...c6 2.Sf3 (>2.Sxe5)

A superb problem in which each defence at c6 interferes with two pieces and obstructs a third, and each continuation exploits all three errors.

Gady Costeff

The Problemist, March 2007


White to play and win

1.O-O-O+ g1Q
2.Rxg1+ Kxg1
3.Kb2 dxe4
4.f4! exf3 e.p.
5.exf3 Kf2
6.f4 Kf3
7.f5 Kf4
8.f6 Kf5
9.f7 Kg6
10.f8R wins

If 1…Kh2 2.Kb2 dxe4 3.Kxa2 Kh3 4.Kb3 Kxh4 5.Kc4 Kg4 6.Kd4 h4 7.Kxe4 h3 8.Rg1 Kh4 9.Kf3 h2 10.Kxg2 hxg1+ 11.Kxg1 wins

If 4.f3? e3 5.f4 Kf2 6.f5 Kxe2 7.f6 Kd2 8.f7 e2

A very light setting of the Valladao theme, combining the three “odd” moves of chess, castling, en passant and underpromotion.

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