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The Problemist, January 2008
Written by Michael McDowell   

Articles in the January issue included John Rice's selections of two-movers and serieshelpmates from the recently published FIDE Album for 1998-2000, and a celebration of the centenary of Finnish composer Pentti Sola, by Marko Ylijoki. Awards included helpmates in 2 and directmate moremovers for 2005, and there were reviews of new collections of the work of Viktor Razumenko, Hermann Albrecht and Attila Benedek. Browsing in the library covered A chess silhouette, the 1942 collection of problems by the Rev. Gilbert Dobbs. In the Supplement John Rice presented a quartet of FIDE Album miniatures, and Michael McDowell contributed to Desert Island Delights with a selection of eight favourite books.

Marjan Kovačević

Mezija, 2000


Mate in 2

Try 1.Sxf7? (>2.Qxd5)
1...Re5 2.Sxd6
1...Rxd3 2.Rf6
1...Rd4 2.Be6

1.Sg6! (>2.Qxd5)
1...Re5 2.Sh4
1...Rxd3 2.Rh5
1...Rd4 2.Se7

The Fleck theme in secondary form, doubled. In each phase lifting the d5 rook off the board would allow three mates, which are separated by arrival effects.

Pentti Sola

Allas Krönika, 1926


Selfmate in 4

Set 1...h4
2.S8e7 h3
3.Sd8 c6, c5
4.dxc6 Sc7

1.Kd8 h4
2.Re8 h3
3.Be7 f6, f5
4.exf6 Sf7.

A mutate showing a neat echo. The black knights exchange guarding and checking functions.

Thomas Taverner

1st Prize, Yenowine News, 1888


Mate in 2

1.Rh4 ()
1...dxe6 2.Ke2
1...c5 2.Kf2
1...d6 2.Kg3
1...Sc4 2.Kg4
1...S else 2.c4
1...Bb4 2.Sxb4
1...Bc3 2.Sxc3
1...Bxd2 2.Qxd2
1...f5 2.Qe5

A 19th century classic. Four times the white king shuts off one of his officers following a selfblock.

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