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The Problemist, March, 2008
Written by Michael McDowell   

March articles included Miodrag Mladenović’s judgment covering the 2006 selfmates and reflexmates, and a report on the Final of the 2007-08 Winton Capital British Chess Solving Championship, won by Piotr Murdzia of Poland ahead of Jonathan Mestel, who narrowly regained the British title from John Nunn. Guy Sobrecases presented a selection of problems by the Hungarian team of György Bakcsi and Lázsló Zoltán, and John Rice paid tribute to the late Greek GM Byron Zappas. Browsing in the library covered the classic collection 777 Chess Miniatures in Three. In the Supplement David Shire detailed his selection of Desert Island Delights, John Rice showed some examples of the work of Belgian Gustave Nietvelt, and Alexander George examined some studies where Black is “wrong-footed”.

Philip H. Williams

Christmas Greeting, 1904


Mate in 3

1.Kb2 a1Q+
2.Rxa1 h1Q

Easily solved, but a setting to catch the eye!

Uri Avner

2nd Prize, The Problemist, 2006


Selfmate in 3

1.Rb4 (>2.Rh3+ Sd3 3.Rb3+ axb3)
1...S random 2.Sb5+ cxb5 3.Rb3+ axb3
1...Se2 2.Rc5+ bxc5 3.Rb3+ axb3
1...Sd3 2.Qf6+ Se5 3.Rb3+ axb3
1...c5 2.Qd3+ Sxd3 3.Rb3+ axb3

White must close the lines f1-a6 and h5-a5 before opening the a-file, and the black knight play shows tertiary correction.

Norman Macleod

7th HM., Die Schwalbe, 1976


Mate in 2

Mates are prepared for all black moves in the diagram. There are a number of tries:
1.Bb4? a4! (2.Kb4?)
1.Bc5? b5+! (2.Kc5?)
1.Sb5? Sc6! (2.Kb5?)
1.d3? e3! (2.Kd3?)
1.c3? d3! (2.Kc3?)
1.Rxd4? exf4! (2.Kxd4?)
1.Rcd7? Sd6+! (2.R8xd6?)
1.Rdd7? Se7! (2.Rcxe7?)
The only move which maintains the set mates is 1.Sb1!

An original task, showing six self-obstructions of the white king and mutual interference between the rooks in the try play.

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