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The Problemist, May, 2008
Written by Michael McDowell   

The May issue featured reports on various meetings, the Dutch Problem Society's weekend at Nunspeet, the 2008 European Solving Championship held in Antalya, Turkey, and the BCPS weekend at Torquay. Articles included David Shire on “The two-mover: anticipation and the composer”, Michael Lipton's selection of problems by the late Danish composer Hugo Knuppert, and, in the Supplement, Michael McDowell on Rex Solus problems. Paul Valois reviewed the recent book Moving on, by the late Dutch problemist Frank Visbeen and Browsing in the Library covered the 1979 collection of problems by Serbian composer Miroslav Stošic. The winner of the Brian Harley award for two-movers from 2005-2006 was announced.

Hugo Knuppert

Skakbladet, 1941


Mate in 2

1.Rg6 (>2.Qg4)
1...Re random 2.Rf6
1...Re4 2.Qf6
1...S random 2.Be6
1...Sf4 2.e4
1...Sc7 2.Rxe5
1...Sf6 or Re6 2.Rg5

Half-pin mates after random and correction defences, shown with remarkable economy.

Miroslav Stošic

Arbeijder Skak, 1970


Mate in 2

1.Ke7 (>2.Rc7)
1...b4 2.d4
1...d4 2.Bf4
1...Bf4 2.b4

Cyclic occupation of squares – not an easy idea to show.

Wolfgang Pauly

Deutsche Schachzeitung, June, 1906


Mate in 4

1.Kf7 ()
1...Kf5 2.h3 Kxf4 3.d3 Kf5 4.Rf3
1...Kxf4 2.f3 Kf5 3.Re6 Kf4 4.Rf6
1...Kh5 2.Rg3 Kh6 3.Rg5 Kh7 4.Rh5
2...Kxh4 3.f3 Kh5 4.Rh3
1...Kxh4 2.h3 Kh5 3.Re6 or Re8

A rex solus classic!

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