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The Problemist, September, 2008
Written by Michael McDowell   

The September issue contained a full report on the 51st World Congress of Chess Composition, held at Jurmala, Latvia, in early September. Articles included Jeremy Morse‚Äôs latest update of task records, “King promotions in helpmate forms” by Chris Reeves, “Patrol and Ultrapatrol” by John Rice, and “Correcting Schiffmann at Torquay” by Paul Valois. Other items included a number of book reviews and the awards for the 2007 three-movers and more-movers. In the Supplement John Rice presented “More Circe pearls”, Bob Lincoln discussed “Stepping Stones” and Christopher Jones detailed the stages involved in composing a three-move helpmate.

A. Olsen

Chess Pie, 1927


Mate in 2

Set play:
1...dxc6 2.Rxf5
1...d6 2.Qh8
1...d5 2.Qxd5
1...dxe6 2.Sf3

1.Qxe7 (zugzwang)
1...dxc6 2.Sxc6
1...d6 2.Qf6
1...d5 2.Sf3
1...dxe6 2.Qxe6

Changed mates after all four moves of the black pawn, including one transferred mate. A remarkable task, despite the flight-taking key.

Chris Reeves

Prize, Correction Ty., Torquay, 2008


Mate in 2

1.Sd5 (>2.Sxc7)
1...Rf5 2.Rf4
1...Bf5 2.Re4
1...c5 2.Rb4
1...a4 2.Rc5
1...Ka6 2.Rc6

At the BCPS weekend in Torquay Paul Valois showed an unsound problem from 1928 by the great Israel Schiffmann, and invited corrections. The main variations combine anticipatory unpin with Grimshaw and shut-off mates.

Ferenc Fleck

1st Prize, Magyar Sakkélet, 1965


Mate in 5

1.Sf2 (>2.Sxg4)
1...Bd2 2.Ra3 (>3.Sxg4)
2...Sc3 3.Ba6 (>4.Sxg4)
3...S7b5 4.Qh7
4...any 5.Sxg4

An amusing problem where White repeatedly guards d3 to threaten Sxg4 mate, his fourth move setting up a zugzwang.

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