Issue Reviews 2008 The Problemist, November, 2008


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The Problemist, November, 2008
Written by Michael McDowell   

The November issue featured the informal awards for two-movers from 2007 and more-movers from 2006, and a review of the awardwinners in the 8th WCCT. Articles included part 2 of Geoff Foster's exposition of the Mäkihovi theme, David Shire on the work of Hugo Knuppert, and Stephen Emmerson's explanation of a new fairy condition called Variables. A number of new books were reviewed, and Browsing in the Library covered G. F. Anderson's personal collection from 1924. In the Supplement John Rice presented selections from the recent collection of Russian more-movers, and paid tribute to the late Austrian composer Helmut Zajic, while David Shire examined ‘Defensive motivation”.

Touw Hian Bwee

3rd Prize, Problem, 1974


Mate in 2

1.Qb4 (>2.Qxd4)
1...Sd random 2.Sxf4
1...Sc6 2.Qxd6
1...Sf5 2.Qe4
1...Sdxe6 2.Qc3
1...Sf random 2.Sxd4
1...Sd5 2.Sc4
1...Sg6 2.Sd3
1...Sfxe6 2.gxh4

From a new collection of the work of Indonesian GM composer Touw Hian Bwee, showing correction play by both black knights.

G. F. Anderson

HM., Westminster Gazette, 1917 (version)


Mate in 4

1.Kd4 c5+
2.Ke3 g4
3.Kf4 g3

2.Ke3 c5
3.Kd2 g4

The king does a round trip or zig-zags to his home square, depending on how Black plays.

N. Nikolaev

Shakhmatny Listok, 1859


Mate in 5

1.Bb2 e5
2.Bc1 e4
3.d4+ e3
4.Ba3 e2 / cxd4
5.Bc1 / Bd6

Simple but neat. Taken from the recent collection of Russian more-movers.

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