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The Problemist, January, 2009
Written by Michael McDowell   

The January issue contained two lengthy helpmate awards, two-movers for 2007, judged by Mario Parrinello, and moremovers for 2006, judged by James Quah. John Rice discussed “Some Russian half-batteries”, and Browsing in the Library covered the 1931 Christmas volume, A.C. White's Problems by my friends. In the Supplement David Shire presented “The case for the defence” and John Rice showed some prizewinning two-movers from the Good Companions era.

Viktor Chepizhny

1st Place, Moscow Championship, 1999


Mate in 2

Try 1.Se4? (>2.Qxd6)
1...Sb~ 2.Qxc6
1...Kxd4 2.Sxc6 1….Be7!

Try 1.Sxg4? (>2.Qxd6)
1...Sb~ 2.Bf3
1...Kxd4 2.Sf3 1…e5!

Key 1.Sef7! (>2.Qxd6)
1...Sb~ 2.Qxe6
1...Kxd4 2.Sxe6

A beautiful Zagoruiko, with mates by different pieces on the same square in each phase.

K. A. K. Larsen

Skakbladet, 1930


Selfmate in 2

1.Bg7 zugzwang
1...S, Bc2 2.Bxb3+ Ba7
1...Bd3 2.Bb5+ Ba7
1...Be4 2.Bc6+ Ba7
1...Bf5 2.Qf8+ Bc5
1...Bg6 2.Bf8+ Bc5

The black bishop is used as a shield five times.

Hans Peter Rehm & Fadil Abdurahmanovic

3rd Prize, The Problemist, 2006


Helpmate in 6

1.Ra4 Kd3
2.Rfb4 c4
3.Kh5 Kd4
4.Rxc4+ Ke5
5.Rh4 Kf6
6.Rag4 Bg6

The rooks move left to allow the white king to pass then right to block squares. Visually spectacular and shown with great economy.

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