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The Problemist, March, 2009
Written by Michael McDowell   

The March issue featured a report on the final of the 2008-09 British Chess Solving Championship, won by John Nunn ahead of World Champion Piotr Murdzia. The awards for three-movers 2005 and studies 2006-07 were published, and articles included Michael Lipton on half-pin miniatures and Michael McDowell discussing “The Broodings of C. J. Feather”. Steve Giddins reported on publicising problems amongst the players at the Hastings Congress, and Chris Reeves contributed a postscript to a previous article correcting a two-mover by Schiffmann. Browsing in the Library covered the 1961 collection Andradiana. In the Supplement Charles Frankiss presented some longer selfmates by Cyril Swindley, Bob Lincoln examined black promotions in the two-move miniature and John Rice showed some problems from the Christmas book Knights and Bishops.

Vladislav Tarasiuk

Ukraine Album, 2005


White to play and win

1.e7 Sh6+
2.Kg6 Sg8
3.Be6+ Kd6
4.e8Q Bh5+
5.Kxh5 Sf6+
6.Kg6 Sxe8
7.Kf7 Sc7

A study which took some notable scalps in the British Solving Final.

Barry Andrade

The Observer, 5th August 1923


Mate in 3

1.Rb3 (>2.Qf5 and 3.Qf1)
1...d4 2.Se6 (>3.Sg5)
1...e4 2.Sxh5 (>3.Sf4)

The well-hidden key is necessary to forestall the defence 1...d4 2.Se6 Qg8!

C. J. Feather

Broodings 25, July 2005


Helpmate in 4½

2.Kh5 Bg2
3.Kg4 Bf3+
4.Kh3 Bg4+
5.fxg4 Sg5

A visually pleasing sequence. The bishop makes a round trip only to be captured where he started.

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