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The Problemist, May, 2009
Written by Michael McDowell   

The May issue featured a report by Steve Giddins on the BCPS residential weekend at Harrogate and another by Paul Valois and John Rice on the Dutch equivalent at Nunspeet. Barry Barnes contributed a remembrance of the late Ukrainian composer Viktor Melnichenko, while Michael Lipton examined two-move miniatures featuring duels between the black queen and white knight batteries. Browsing in the library covered A.C. White's book Memories of my chessboard, and Frank Richter's selfmate and reflexmate award for 2007 was published. The Supplement featured a reprint of an article by H. D'O. Bernard from 1938 reconstructing a famous Good Companions mutate, and the second part of Bob Lincoln's article on black promotion in the miniature.

Viktor Melnichenko

1st Prize, Comins Mansfield MT, 1987


Mate in 2

Try 1.Bxf5? (>2.c5)
1...Sxb6 2.Sf6
1...Rxb6 2.Se6
1...Sc2, Sd3 2.Rd3
1...Sd6 2.b7

Key 1.Se3! (>2.c5)
1...Sxb6 2.Be6
1...Rxb6 2.Bxc8
1...Sc2, Sd3 2.Sc2
1...Bg8 2.Sxf5
1...Sd6 2.b7

Changed mates after two Schiffmann defences, plus a third change after moves of the e1 knight, composed with great elegance.

Alain White

Illustrated American, 20th March 1897


Mate in 4

1.Bg2 c5
2.Ba8 c4
3.Sb7 Ke4

If 2...cxb4 3.Bc6 bxc3 4.Bxb5.

An excellent letter problem concealing the Indian theme.

Cedric Lytton

2nd Prize, feenschach, 1973


Serieshelpmate in 5: Checkless Chess
In Checkless Chess a check is only legal if it gives mate.

The try 1.Rd2 2.c1B 3.Bb2 4.Ba1 5.Rb2 Kf6? fails to 6.Rg2 mate, hence
1.cxd1B 2.Bxh5 3.Bg6 4.Rh8 5.Bh7 Kh6, which really is stalemate!

A neat problem by fairy chess expert Cedric Lytton, the new BCPS President.

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