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The Problemist, July, 2009
Written by Michael McDowell   

In the July issue Michael McDowell presented a selection of problems by P. F. Blake, James Quah examined the use of fairy pieces to show triple Grimshaws in two movers, Ruud Beugelsdijk investigated shifts of moves motivated by twinning involving a change of condition, and Bob Meadley and Geoff Foster contributed a biographical article about the Latvian born Australian composer Laimons Mangalis. Ian Watson reported on the European Solving Championship and Browsing in the Library covered the 1919 treatise on mutates, All Change Here! The Supplement featured articles by David Shire on two-movers featuring critical play, and John Rice on the work of helpmate expert Fadil Abdurahmanovic.

L. Rothstein

Source?, 1914


Mate in 2

1.Qh6 ()

1…e6 2.Qf4 (Set 2.Qf3)
1…e5 2.Sd6 (Set 2.Sh6)
1…h3 2.Sg3 (Set 2.g4)
1…Ke4 2.Qxh7
1…B any 2.Qg6

A beautifully constructed mutate showing three changes and an added model mate.

Rudolf Willmers

Deutsche Schachzeitung, 1859


Mate in 4

1.Ra7 any
2.Sa5 (+) any
3.Rb7 (+) any

An old-time favourite showing echoed mates.

G. C. Alvey

Chess Amateur, 1927


Mate in 2: Nightriders h1, a2

Nightriders play one or more knight moves along a straight line as a single move, i.e. Nh1 can move to f2, d3, b4, or capture on g3, while Na2 can move to c1, b4, c6, d8, c3, or capture on e4.

1.Nc6 (> 2.Ra2)

1...Rf2 2.Rf6
1...Bf2 2.Rd4
1...Nf2 2.Rd3
1...Nb4 2.Ne5

Three black pieces control the white battery. Each piece in moving to f2 shuts off the other two, and in turn is shut off by the rook.

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