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The Problemist, September, 2009
Written by Michael McDowell   

The September issue featured various awards; twomovers and helpmate more-movers for 2008, and the Norman Macleod award for 2006-07. Articles included Barry Barnes' tale from the BCPS weekend, “Sherlock Holmes in Harrogate”, and Jeremy Morse's twelfth update of his book Chess problems: tasks and records. Browsing in the library covered The Golden Argosy, the 1929 collection of problems by W. A. Shinkman. In the Supplement John Rice presented some joint problems involving the late Viktor Melnichenko, David Shire investigated double check themes in two-movers, and Michael McDowell compared different settings of a famous Bohemian problem.

Hans Peter Rehm

The Problemist, July 2006


Mate in 7

1.Sd7 (>2.Sf6) Kxd5
2.Sb6+ Ke4
3.d5+ (3.Sd5? Kxd5!) bxc4
4.Sd7 Kxd5 (4...Bc3 5.Sc5+ and 6.Bf3)
5.Sb6+ (5.Bf3+ Kxd6!; 5.Sf6+ Kc6!) Ke4 (5...Kc6 6.Bf3+)
6.Sd5 Kxd5
7.Bf3 (6...exd5 7.Re8 or 6…Bc3 7.Sxc3)

The winner of the Norman Macleod Award for 2006-07. John Rice commented: “An extraordinary construction, with consecutive sacrifices designed to clear the d-file so that lines of guard are opened up, with a block of c4 thrown in as well. Norman enjoyed this sort of problem and would have been delighted had he composed it himself.”

William Shinkman

v. Blumenthal: Schachminiaturen, 1903


Mate in 5

1.Bb6 Kd6
2.Rxe4 Kd5
3.Sf6+ Kd6
4.Ba6 Kc6

If 1...e3
2.Sxe3+ Kd6
3.Sf5+ Kd5
4.Ba5 Kc5

A perfect chameleon echo.

Julius Buchwald

v. 1st Prize, Miskolcsi Magasapitok, 1951


Mate in 2

1.exf7 (>2.Qe6)
1...cxd5 2.Bd6
1...Rxd5 2.Re8
1...Sxd5 2.Sd7
1...f5 2.Qc3
1...Sf5 2.Sg4
1...Bf5 2.Qg3
(1...Be4 2.Rxe4)

A dummy piece blocking d5 or f5 would in each case allow a choice of three mates, separated in the play by triple avoidance. A remarkable doubling of the Stocchi theme.

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