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The Problemist, November, 2009
Written by Michael McDowell   

The November issue featured a full report by Paul Valois on the activities at the 52nd World Congress of Chess Composition, held in Rio de Janeiro in October. Judgments included the Brian Harley Award for 2003-05, won jointly by Peter Olszewski and John Rice, threemovers for 2006 and fairies for 2002. Browsing in the library covered S. S. Blackburne’s Terms and Themes of Chess Problems, published in 1907. In the Supplement Bob Lincoln discussed “White pawn promotion in the miniature”, while David Shire examined echoed play in the two-mover.

Milan Vukcevich

4th HM., Neue Zurcher Zeitung, 1997


Mate in 2

Try 1.Bc4? (>2.e3)
1...Sc2 2.Qd5
1...bxc4 2.Se6
1...e3 2.Rf4

1.Rc5! (>2.Be3)
1...Sc2 2.Rhd5
1...bxc5 2.Sf5
1...e3 2.Qf4

To quote David Shire: “The geometrical elements generate echoed play of such clarity that no further explanation is needed.”

Georges Legentil

2nd Prize, L'UTF, 1944


Mate in 4

Try 1.Kxf3? Sg5+!
Try 1.Kg3? Be1!

1.Bc6 (>2.Re4) d2
2.Kg3 (>3.Sg4) Bf5
3.Qd8 (>4.Qxc7) Ba5

Black is induced to block the f6 rook, allowing the queen to unpin. A relatively straightforward but pleasant problem from the WCSC at Rio.

F. A. L. Kuskop

Canterbury Times, pre-1907


Mate in 3 (b) all pieces one square south-west

(a) 1.Bf1 e5 2.Bd3 exf4 3.e5

(b) 1.Re4 dxe4 2.d4 e3 3.Bd3
1...d4 2.Bh3 gxh3 3.g4

A lightweight with unusual twinning by the leading New Zealand composer of his day.

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