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The Problemist, January, 2010
Written by Michael McDowell   

The January issue featured an article by former PCCC President Klaus Wenda on “The Viennese Workshop”, a tribute to Dutch composer Ruud Beugelsdijk, who died last November, a further selection of awardwinners from the composing tourneys at the Rio WCCC, and informal awards for helpmates in 2 (2004) and helpmates in 2½ and 3 (2008). Browsing in the library covered a 1975 collection of the work of Bohemian composer Miroslav Havel. David Shire’s regular article in the Supplement discussed focal play, and John Rice showed some three-movers from the 8th WCCT.

Touw Hian Bwee

Probleemblad, 1982


Mate in 2

Try 1.d7? (>2.d8Q)
1...Qg7 2.Qxb7
1...Qf6 2.Qxh1

1.Bg6! (>2.Bf7)
1...Qg7 2.Qxh1
1...Qf6 2.Qxb7

Reciprocally changed mates from a beautifully simple scheme.

Miroslav Havel

Československý šach, 1930


Mate in 5

1.Rh7 (>2.Ra8/Rh8) Rd2
2.Sd4 Sc3+
3.Ka5 Rf2
4.Sf3 with mate on a8 or h8 to follow.

Two Nowotny interferences plus a switchback from the knight. The construction is perfect.

Ruud Beugelsdijk

4th Prize, Probleemblad, 1982


Mate in 3: Nightriders h5: h8

1.Bb4 (>2.b3+ axb3 3.Nb2)
1...Rf4 2.Be2+ Kb3 3.Sxd2
1...Nf4 2.Sxd2+ K any 3.Qe4
1...Bf4 2.Qe4+ Kxb5 3.Be2

The nightriders extend the knight’s move along a line (see the introductory article on fairy chess). A cycle of white second and third moves is shown with great clarity and unity. In each thematic variation both black interferences are exploited.

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