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The Problemist, May, 2010
Written by Michael McDowell   

The May issue included a report on the 2010 BCPS weekend at Harrogate. Awards covered fairies 2005, retros 2007-08, helpmates in 3 for 2006 and the Brian Harley Award for two-movers published in 2007-08. James Quah continued his review of triple Grimshaws in two-movers using fairy pieces and Browsing in the Library covered the 1922 collection of Selected Gems from the Chess Amateur. In the Supplement John Rice remembered the late Hungarian composer Attila Benedek, David Shire's trip through the chess problem alphabet reached G for Grimshaw, and Michael McDowell presented a selection of Soviet compositions from the 1930s. A special booklet was devoted to the 2010 European Chess Solving Championship, held at Sunningdale, containing full results, all of the problems used in the event, and the awards of the associated composing tourneys.

G. F. Anderson

Sunday Times, 1971


Mate in 3

1.Rf1 waiting
1...Bb8 2.Be1 f5 3.Qxb6; 2…else 3.Rxf6
1...Rh3, Rh4 2.Be3 f5 3.Bxg5
1...b5 2.Bxa7 f5 3.Qb6
1...e4 2.Bd4 f5 3.Bg7
1...f5 2.Qh1 threats 3.Qxh5, Qc6; 2...Rxh1 3.Rxh1.

A tricky Anderson three-mover used in the solving tourney at Harrogate.

Aleksandr Galitzky

Shakhmatnoe obozrenie, 1892


Mate in 4

1.e8B Ka2
2.Bf7+ Kxb1
3.Bc4 K any

2.Rc4+ Kb3
3.Bf7/Sd2+ K moves

With the black king free to move to three squares there appears to be no need for an underpromotion key. Taken from a new collection of Galitsky’s problems.

E. N. Somov-Nasimovich

Comm., Shakhmaty v SSSR, 1937


White to play and win

1.d7 Bxd7 (1...Qg8 2.Qd3+ Kf3 3.Qf5+ wins)
2.f3+ Qxf3
3.Qd3+ Kd5
4.e4+ Qxe4
5.Qc4+ Kc6 (5...Kd6 6.dxc5+ wins)
6.d5+ Qxd5

An amusing repeated manoeuvre.

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