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The Problemist, July, 2010
Written by Michael McDowell   

The July issue recorded the passing of former BCPS President Robin Matthews, with an appreciation by John Rice. Bob Meadley and Geoff Foster discussed Australian composer E. D. McQueen. Also included were reports of the problem meetings at Nunspeet and Andernach, and Thomas Maeder's fairy award for 2008. Browsing in the library covered Schach ohne Grenzen, the 1969 collection of T. R. Dawson's work. Miniatures featured prominently in the Supplement, with the annual solving competition and a selection by John Rice of some early more-movers, while David Shire’s series on problem themes reached H for Herpai.

E. D. McQueen

Melbourne Leader, 1934


Mate in 2

1.Bh2 (>2.Rg7)
1...Rh8+ 2.Rg8
1...Rh6 2.Rg6
1...Rh5 2.Rg5
1...Rh4 2.Rg4
1...Rxh3 2.Rxh3
1...Rg7 2.Rxg7
1...Rf7 2.Kxf7
1...Re7+ 2.Kxe7
1...Rd7 2.Kxd7
1...Rc7 2.bxc7
1...Rb7 2.Qd8
1...Ra7 2.bxa7

Eric McQueen’s most famous problem, a perfectly constructed task showing twelve mates after the moves of one rook.

R. C. O. Matthews

1st Prize, Die Schwalbe, 1952


Mate in 6

1...g6 2.Bxb6 d5 3.Rd4 Kxf2 4.Rxd5+ Ke1 5.Bd4 Kxd2 6.Bf2
1...d5 2.Rxd5 g6 3.Bd4 Kxd2 4.Bxb6+ Ke1 5.Rd4 Kxf2 6.Rdxd1

Robin Matthews was primarily known for his three-movers, but here shows his skill as a more-move composer, combining two Indian manoeuvres in each of the variations.

Jean Morice

Combat, 20th June 1953


Mate in 3

1.Ra8 (>2.Rc8 and 3.Rc5)
1...Rc3 2.Se8 e3 3.Sf6
1...Rd3 2.Re8 and 3.Re5
1...Re3 2.Sc8 c3 3.Sb6

A lucidly constructed study in pawn obstruction, taken from a recently published supplement to diagrammes devoted to the chess column of the magazine Combat.

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