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The Problemist, November, 2010
Written by Michael McDowell   

The November issue reported on the WCCC in Crete, where John Nunn won his third individual World Solving title and Poland took the team gold. A number of obituaries included one for Lu Citeroni, who was for many years a columnist in The Problemist and BCPS librarian. Jeremy Morse presented his latest update of tasks and records, Yochanan Afek showed some studies by composers born in 1910, and Browsing in the library covered Cyril Kipping’s 1932 collection The Chessmen Speak. Awards included Michael Lipton’s two-move informal judgment for 2009 and the tourney for short proof games organised by Graham Lee and pupils from Oakham School. In the Supplement David Shire examined the Java theme while Michael Lipton reworked a half-pin cross-check matrix.

R. Rupp

Source unknown


Mate in 2

1.Bd3 (>2.Sb3)
1...f5 2.Qxd6
1...Sdf5 2.Qb6
1...Sef5 2.Qxd5
1...Rf5 2.Qxe3
1...Qxe6+ 2.Sxe6

A four-fold example of the Rupp theme, involving simultaneous unpinning of a white and black piece, appropriately by Rupp himself.

C. S. Kipping & G. F. Anderson

Western Morning News, 1st September 1923


Mate in 3

1.Ke2 (>2.Be1 > 3.Qg3)
1...c4 2.Rxe3 (>3.Qg3) 2...Se4 3.Rf3
1...Re8 (or Re7) 2.gxh8S (>3.Sg6) 2...Se7 3.Qxe3
1...Re6 2.gxf8S > 3.Sxe6 or Sg6
1...Re4 2.Sf1 > 3.Qg3
1...Bb7 2.Rd4+ any 3.Sd3
1...Sb5 2.Bxe5+ any 3.Qxe3
1...fxg5 or hxg5 2.Qf1+ Kg3 3.Qf2

A variety of interesting strategy. In the main line the rook is twice pinned and unpinned by interference.

A. S. Kakovin

Comm., Moscow Tourney, 1936


White to play and win

1.f4+ Kd5 (1...Kf5 2.Sd4+)
2.f5! Bxf5
3.Sf4+ Ke5
4.Rd1 c6
5.Rd5+ cxd5
6.Sd3+ exd3

A classic example of “mate by the last pawn”.

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