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The Problemist, January, 2011
Written by Michael McDowell   

The January issue featured a full appreciation of the late Lu Citeroni. John Nunn related how solving a problem suggested to him a reconstruction which might increase the solver's enjoyment, and Geoff Foster attempted to encourage the solving of fairy problems. John Rice presented a selection of awardwinners from the composing tourneys at the Crete WCCC, while Browsing in the library covered the 1980 collection of the work of Matti Myllyniemi. Awards included fairies for 2007 (judge: Vlaicu Crisan), selfmates and reflexmates 2008 (Klaus Wenda), and more-movers 2008 (Jakov Vladimirov). In the Supplement John Rice showed some early longer helpmates, and David Shire discussed problems revolving around king play.

Matti Myllyniemi

Schach-Echo, 1970


Mate in 2

1.g5 (>2.Qg1)
1...Re6 2.f4
1...Be6 2.Sc6
1...e6 2.gxh6

Cyclic interferences. The rook interferes with the bishop, the bishop with the pawn, and the pawn with the rook. Three white batteries fire.

Eeltje Visserman

1st Prize, Probleemblad, 1954


Mate in 2

1...Kd4 2.Sxc6
1...Kf4 2.Qc7
1...Kd6 2.Sb7
1...Kf6 2.Sd7

Tries 1.Kd8? Kd4!, 1.Kc7? Kf4!, 1.Kb7? Kd6! and 1.Kd7? Kf6!

Mates are set for all four moves of the black king, and White simply needs to play a waiting move with his king, however four of his five moves prevent each of the set mates in turn, three because of occupation of a mating square and the fourth because of self-pin of the mating piece.

Hermann Weissauer

Schach-Echo, 1973


Mate in 4

1...a3 2.Se5 dxe5 3.Sf5+ any 4.d6
1...Kf7 2.Rf1+ any 3.Rhf8 any 4.R1f7

An entertaining puzzle for the solver to unravel.

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