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The Problemist, March, 2011
Written by Michael McDowell   

The March issue contained a full report by Steve Giddins on the final of the 2010-11 Winton Capital British Chess Solving Championship, won by John Nunn. Awards included the Norman Macleod award for 2008-09 (judges Marjan Kovacevic and Hans Peter Rehm), selfmates and reflexmates for 2009 (judge Andrey Selivanov) and threemovers for 2009 (judge Paz Einat). Bob Burger reminisced about Robin Matthews’ visits to California, and John Rice reviewed three important new books, namely Cyclone 2 and the collections of helpmates by Chris Feather and Živko Janevski. Browsing in the library covered the A. C. White Christmas book The White Knights. The Supplement contained a reprint of an article from 1962 by Robin Matthews on “Two-move tries and three move variations”, while John Rice presented selections of problems by Israel Schiffmann and Živko Janevski, and David Shire examined the le Grand theme.

Israel Schiffmann

1st Prize, Chess Amateur, 1929


Mate in 2

1.Qe8 (>2.Qxe5)
1...Re6 2.Qa4
1...Be6 2.Sf6
1...Se6 2.Qxc6
1...Rg3 2.Re1
1...Bg3 2.Sxg5
1...Sg3 2.Sf2

Three interferences on each of two squares.

Alvaro Faria Pereira

1st Prize, The Problemist, 2009


Mate in 3

Set 1...Rc4 2.Rd5 > 3.Rxe5; 2...cxd5 3.Bxd5
1...Sc4 2.Sd5 > 3.Sc3; 2...cxd5 3.Bxd5

Tries 1.R6d5? Sc4! 1.Sd5? Rc4!

1.Bc4! (>2.Kg6 > 3.Sg5; 2...Bxh3 3.Bd3)

1...Rxc4 2.Re6 > 3.Rxe5
1...Sxc4 2.Se6 > 3.Sxc5
1...Bxc4 2.Kg4 > 3.Sg5

Changed continuations after mutual obstructions between rook and knight on c4.

Adolf Kraemer

v. Schweizerische Schachzeitung, 1914


Mate in 4

1.Se4 (>2.Sxf2#)
1…Rf8 2.gxh4 Bc7 3.Sf4 Bxf4/Rxf4 4.Sxf2/Sg3
1…Bb6 2.gxh4 Ra3 3.Se3 Bxe3/Rxe3 4.Sg3/Sxf2

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