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The Problemist, November, 2011
Written by Michael McDowell   

The November issue featured the 14th update of Jeremy Morse’s Tasks and Records and a tribute to the late Bo Lindgren by John Rice. Chris Reeves discussed some experiments in the Rice cycle theme. Awards included two-movers for 2010, judged by Claude Wiedenhoff, more-movers for 2009 (judge Hemmo Axt), and the Brian Harley Award for three-movers published between 2006 and 2008. Browsing in the library covered Brian Harley’s famous book Mate in three moves. In the Supplement Geoff Foster presented a selection of mutates by Tony Lewis, while David Shire showed some problems featuring the Organ Pipes.

Thomas Taverner

1st Prize, Dubuque Chess Journal, 1889


Mate in 2

1.Rh1 (-)
1...Be7, Be6 2.e3
1...Re7, Rf6, Bxc7, Bh4 2.Rh4
1...Rf7, Re6, Bd5, Bxh7 2.Sd5
1...Bf7, Bf6, Rf5 2.Qf5
1...Bg5 2.Qh2
1...Re5 2.Qg4
1...Re4 2.fxe4
1...Re3 2.Bh2
1...Rxe2 2.Sxe2
1...c3 2.Sd3

A classic example of the Organ Pipes, shown with English School accuracy. As David Shire pointed out, Taverner had extraordinary technique.

Tony Lewis

The Problemist, 1985


Mate in 2

Set 1...Ba7, Bc7 2.Re8

1.Ra6 (-)
1...Ba7 2.bxa7
1...Bc7 2.bxc7
1...Bd6 2.Sd8

A beautiful lightweight Lewis mutate. White cannot maintain the block, so the rook ambushes behind a static pawn, anticipating the bishop’s assistance in twice opening the battery.

William A. Shinkman

The Theory of Pawn Promotion, 1912


Mate in 3

1.e7 (>2.e8Q+)
1...Kb6 2.e8R Kc6 3.Re6
1...Bd8 2.exd8R Kb6 3.Rd6

Two promotions to white rook in parallel. Jeremy Morse has been unable to find a directmate problem of any length showing three such parallel promotions to rook. A composing challenge for someone?

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