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The Problemist, January 2012
Written by Michael McDowell   

Articles in the January issue included the second part of John Rice’s tribute to the late Bo Lindgren, “Miniature twomovers with four mating pieces” by Michael McDowell, and “Proca what?” by Andreas Thoma. Awards covered longer helpmate for 2005 (judge Christopher Jones) and helpmates in 2½ and 3 for 2010 (judge Chris Tylor). Browsing in the library covered the 1951 book La Composition Contemporaine by Godefroy Martin. Michael McDowell reviewed a new book about the 19th century composer John Brown of Bridport, while Yochanan Afek reviewed The Art of the Endgame, a collection of studies by Jan Timman. In the Supplement Chris Feather continued his series on British helpmate composers with a trio who are better known for their directmates, namely John Driver, Barry Barnes and John Rice, while David Shire discussed P for Promotion, and “Variations on a theme of Yuri Sushkov”.

Paavo J. Markkola

Parallele 50, 26th July 1947


Mate in 2

1.Sxf4 (>2.Sd5)
1...Ra3 2.Qb6
1...Rc3 2.dxc3
1...Rd3 2.Sxd3
1...Re3 2.dxe3
1...Rxf3 2.e3
1...Be5 2.d4

Albino half-pin mates.

John Brown of Bridport



Mate in 3

1.d6 waiting
1...Ke5 2.Qc1 Kd4 3.Qc3; 2...Kf5 3.Qg5
1...Kf4 2.Qc5 any 3.Qf2
1...e5 2.Qa7 Kg6 3.Qh7; 2...Ke6 3.Qd7; 2...Kf4 3.Qf2
1...Kg6 2.Qh7

John Brown (1827-1863) was known for his attractive lightweight problems, a number of which can be found in Brian Gosling’s new book.

Bo Lindgren

Mat, 1984


Serieshelpmate in 8 (2 solutions)

1.g1S 2.Se2 3.Kg2 4.Kg1 5.Sc1 6.a1Q 7.Qa8 8.Qh1 Bd4 mate.
1.g1B 2.Be3 3.Bc1 4.a1R 5.Ra4 5.Bf4 7.Ke3 8.Re4 Rb3 mate.

A wonderful miniature showing all four promotions.

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