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The Problemist, March 2012
Written by Michael McDowell   

The March issue reported on the Final of the 2011-12 Winton Capital British Chess Solving Championship, won overall by the world’s highest rated solver Piotr Murdzia, with Colin McNab winning the British title for the first time. Articles included Michael Lipton on Russian two-movers (many reconstructed by Michael – the article will be continued in a later issue), and Chris Tylor on “FPE (file pawn exchange) helpmates”. Awards for selfmates for 2010 (judge: Petko Petkov) and longer helpmates for 2009 (judge: Fadil Abdurahmanovic) were published. Browsing in the library covered The Best American Chess Problems of 1946. The Supplement featured a number of articles by Geoff Foster, entitled “Short single-phase helpmates”, “How many keys?”, “An absurd looking move”, “A cyclic theme” and “A path for the young composer”, the last mentioned featuring grasshopper problems by Australian composer Lindon Lyons. David Shire's problem alphabet reached Q for the queen.

Edgar Holladay

Comm., American Chess Bulletin, 1945 (version)


Mate in 2

1.Sf8 (>2.Rf5)
1…Bb5 2.Se2 (Sc2?)
1…Bc2 2.Sb3 (Sb5?)
1…Bd7 2.Sh7
1…Rb5 2.Sd7

A very elegant problem showing interferences with dual avoidance.

Achim Schöneberg and Hans-Peter Reich

Die Schwalbe 1994


Helpmate in 2½

1...a8S prepares Ra2 mate, but it takes two moves to unpin the rook and White’s only waiting move is Sb6, so Black’s unpinning move must block b6. 1...a8S 2.Rh6 Sb6 3.Rxb6 Ra2. Unusually White must lose two tempi, as 1...a8B is ineffective.

Carl Eckardt

Honorary Prize, Die Schwalbe, 1928


Selfmate in 5

1.Qa8 Bf3
2.Qe8 (threat 3.Qxe4+ Q or Bxe4) Be2
3.Rxf6+ Kxf6
4.Qe5+ Kf7
5.Kxe4+ Bxc4

An entertaining problem from the British Solving Final. The first two moves are straightforward, as the black king must be prevented from escaping to g6 after 1...g5. Black tries to avoid a mate at e4 by bringing his bishop to e2, but sets up a battery which White forces to open.

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