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The Problemist, July 2012
Written by Michael McDowell   

The July issue featured the awards in the seven sections of the BCPS 2012 tourneys, and Ian Watson’s report on the 2012 ECSC, held in Kiev. David Friedgood discussed “Deep thoughts”, a mini-lecture delivered at the Bournemouth weekend. Browsing in the library covered a collection of the work of Finnish composer Leo Valve. In the Supplement Geoff Foster presented a selection of stalemate problems by Gerhard Maleika and some straightforward proof games, while David Shire discussed the Sushkov theme.

Sergei Kryuchkov

1st Prize, Western Morning News, 1936


Mate in 2

1.Sc5 (>2.Sf3)
1...Sd random 2.Sd7
1...Sb4 2.Bb2
1...Sb6 2.Qxc7

Beautiful line play following a highly thematic key.

Leo Valve

v Skakbladet, 1951


Mate in 3

1.d6 (>2.Rxe5 > 3.Rxe4)
1...exf4 2.d7 > 3.d8Q (2...gxf4?)
1...gxf4 2.Rb1 > 3.Rd1 (2...exf4?)
1...exf3 2.Sc7 > 3.Sxe6 (2...gxf3?)
1...gxf3 2.Sb8 >3.Sc6 (2...exf3?)
1...Bxg3 2.d7
1...Bxg2 2.Sc7

Each pawn capture eliminates the possibility of the other pawn capturing, which would otherwise defeat the continuation.

Ljubomir Ugren and Fadil Abdurahmanovic

2nd Prize, Leninskaya Smena, 1964


Helpmate in 4

1.Sh7! g5 2.Kf5 Kg7 3.Se6+ Kh6 4.Qh8 d4

A far-sighted opening move, anticipating the need to shield the white king from a queen check three moves later.

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