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The Problemist, September 2012
Written by Michael McDowell   

The September issue featured Yochanan Afek's talk from Bournemouth on “The Fine Art of Chess Paradox”, illustrated by a number of his studies, and an article by Michael McDowell in celebration of the Diamond Jubilee, featuring a problem from each year of the Queen's reign. There were obituaries of two prominent problemists, Denis Blondel and Toma Garai. BCPS awards included h#2.5 and 3 for 2007 (judge Lennart Werner), longer h#s for 2007 (judge David Friedgood), and studies for 2010-11 (judge Sergiy Didukh). Browsing in the library covered the 1964 book Problem-Juwelen by Herbert Grasemann, and two new books were reviewed, Von Ajec bis Zappas, by Udo Degener (covering two-move themes), and an examination of the life and problem career of Ado Kraemer, by Ralf Binnewirtz. In the Supplement Chris Feather presented helpmates by Five Fairy Ring composers, David Shire's problem alphabet reached T for Transference, and Geoff Foster followed the stalemate path.

Fred Hawes and Frank Ravenscroft

The Problemist, 1958


Selfmate in 4

1.Qh8 Bh7
2.O-O-O+ Sf1
3.Bd6 a3
4.bxa3 b2

A beautiful single-liner ending with a model mate.

Hemmo Axt

4th Prize, Die Schwalbe, 1961


Mate in 6

1.Re1? Bc6!; 1.Re5? Be8!; 1.Re7? Bc2!;

1.Re3 Rd3 (eliminates Bc2)
2.Re7 Rd7 (eliminates Be8)
3.Re5 Rd5 (eliminates Bc6)
4.Re1 and 5.Rh1+

A well-timed sequence of decoys enables the white rook to gain control of the h-file.

Yochanan Afek

1st Prize, Kralin-55 JT, 2000


White to play and win

1.b7 Qc6 2.Bd7! Qxd7 3.Rxe4+! Ka5 4.Re5+ Kb6!! 5.b8Q+ Ka6! 6.Rb5!! Qxb5 7.Qa7 mate.

If 3.b8Q? Qd5+ 4.Qb7 Qd8+ 5.Ka7 Qd4+ 6.Qb6 Qd7+ 7.Kb8 Qc8+ 8.Kxc8 stalemate.
If 4.b8Q? Qd5+ 5.Qb7 Qd8+ 6.Ka7 Qb8+ 7.Kxb8 stalemate.
If 6.Rc5? Qd5+ 7.Rxd5 stalemate.

Three echoed stalemates and a selfblock mate produced by just five pieces. Described by Yochanan as “one of those chess miracles”.

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