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The Problemist, November 2012
Written by Michael McDowell   

The November issue contained a full report on events at the WCCC in Kobe. BCPS awards included helpmates in 2 for 2010 (judge Živko Janevski), helpmates in 3 for 2011 (judge Boris Shorokhov), moremovers for 2011 (judge Mikhail Marandyuk), and three-movers for 2010 (judge Don Smedley). Jeremy Morse presented his latest updates of tasks and records, while John Rice showed some problems by new composing Grandmasters. Browsing in the library covered the 1970 collection of Austrian problems, Problempalette. Paul Valois reviewed a number of books which were on sale at Kobe. In the Supplement Geoff Foster examined variations on a helpmate by Bror Larsson and Michael Lipton traced the development of a simple starflight matrix. David Shire's problem alphabet reached U for Unpin, and David also analysed a two-mover by Dombrovskis.

C. J. Taale

Tijdschrift vd NSB, 1932 (version)


Mate in 2

1.Qa1 (>2.Qe1)

1...Sxd5 2.Sd6
1...Sxf5 2.Sf6
1...Sxd4 2.Sc3
1...Sf4 2.Sg3
1...d2 2.Qb1

Four interference mates by white knights following selfblocks by black knights.

Sándor Hertmann

Nationaltidende, 1925


Mate in 2

1.Ba2 (>2.Rd5)

1...Bd3 2.Qh2
1...Sd3 2.Qe2
1...Sc4 2.Qxb5
1...Bc4, Bc6 2.Qb8

Four Gamage unpins. Hartong had shown the idea in 1919, but with a flight-taking key.

Johann Viktor Uleha

3rd Prize, 1st TT des Deutschen Schachbunds 1944


Mate in 5

1.Rgg7? threatening 2.Ra7+ Bxa7 3.Bb7 fails to 1…Bc1 etc. 2.Ra7+ Qxa7!

1.Be4! (>2.Bxd3) Rd2
2.Bd5 (>3.Bc4) Rf4, and with the bishop hemmed in the main plan now works:
3.Rgg7 any
4.Ra7+ Bxa7

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