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The Problemist, July 2013
Written by Michael McDowell   

The July issue introduced readers to the new BCPS President, Ian Watson, who in addition to being a skilled solver is also a British Championship standard player. The centenary of the first appearance of the grasshopper was marked in an article by Michael McDowell, and John Rice discussed the landmark book Chess Problems: Introduction to an Art, which he wrote with Michael Lipton and Robin Matthews 50 years ago. John also reported on this year’s meeting of the Dutch Problem Society at Nunspeet. Awards included helpmates in 2 for 2011 (judges Jorge Lois and Jorge Kapros) and retros for 2011-2012 (judge Kostas Prentos). Browsing in the library covered Edgar Holladay’s 1974 collection of the problems of Otto Wurzburg. In the Supplement Geoff Foster presented a selection of problems by the Warton brothers, including many grab mutate three-movers, David Shire’s problem alphabet reached Y for Y-flights, and Paul Bissicks examined the fairy form Growing Men.

Samuil Leites

1st Prize, Shakhmaty v SSSR, 1946


Mate in 2

Set 1...Kf8 2.Rxf7


1...Kf8 2.fxg8Q
1...Kf6 2.fxe8S
1...Kxd7 2,f8S
1...Rf8 2.fxg8S
1...d5 2.fxe8Q
1...Bh7 2.f8Q
1...Rxd8+ 2.cxd8Q
1...Bxf7 2.Rxf7
1...S~ 2.Qxd6

A remarkable task, with the f7 pawn promoting to Q and S on three squares.


Otto Wurzburg

Lasker’s Chess Magazine, November 1905


Mate in 3


1...f5 2.Sf3 Ke4 3.Qd4
1...Ke5 2.Qg3+ Kxd4 3.Qc3

An attractive miniature featuring the Indian theme.


Thomas and Joseph Warton

The Observer, 1946


Mate in 3

Black is in zugzwang. When the h7 B moves it will be captured by the K, B or S, leaving 2...Bg1 3.Bxg3, however White cannot maintain the grab of the bishop, and the key 1.Bd5! sets up a new zugzwang, with a changed continuation 1...Bf5 2.Ba5 any 3.Bd8, subtly exploiting the closed d and f files. The other variations remain as set.

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