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The Problemist, September 2013
Written by Michael McDowell   

The September issue featured the first part of an article by Michael McDowell on C.S.Kipping’s column in Chess, and reflections on the FIDE Album 2004-06 by John Rice. Ronald Turnbull discussed the fairy form Growing Men, in an article entitled “Goodbye feet!” Awards included Moremovers 2011 (judge John Nunn) and the Brian Harley Award for three-movers from 2009-11. John Rice and Christopher Jones presented variants on a helpmate by Hieronymus Fischer, and John showed some problems by the winners in the 2010-12 World Championship in Composing for Individuals. Browsing in the library covered the Christmas book Asymmetry, by T.R.Dawson and Wolfgang Pauly. The Supplement featured articles by Geoff Foster on two-move block-checks, Brian Young on problems featuring the ambush theme, and Michael McDowell on developments of problems by P.F.Blake. David Shire concluded his problem alphabet with Z for Zagoruiko.

Lev Loshinski

The Problemist, 1930


Mate in 2

1.Qf2 (>2.Qxa7)

1...d4 2.Bc4
1...Bd4 2.Qxe2
1...Sed4 2.Qa2
1...Sfd4 2.Ra3
1...Rd4 2.Rh6

Classic Loshinski, showing five interferences on d4 with the utmost clarity and economy.


George Hume

Chess, October 1937


Mate in 3

1.Rd6 ()

1...cxd6 2.Sf6 d5 3.Sd7
1...cxd5 2.Rc6 d4 3.Rxc5; 2...f6 3.Re6
1...f6 2.Rxf6 Kxd5 3.Rxf5

A charming lightweight with rook and knight sacrificed in turn.


Thomas and Joseph Warton

Source unknown

Mate in 3

1.Ba7 ()

1...Kxb2 2.Bd3 Kxa1 3.Bd4
1...Kxd2 2.Rf8 Kc2 3.Rf2

An anticipatory closure of the file prevents White’s second move from giving stalemate.

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