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RIP John Coward
Written by Brian Stephenson   

I am sad to announce that British chess solver/composer John Coward died suddenly towards the end of May following a fall on the pavement outside his house in Harrow. John was always a keen solver and was a regular competitor in the British Chess Solving Championship, qualifying for the final on many occasions. His best performances included fifth place in 1985-1986 and fourth places in 1987-1988 and 1990-1991.

When, in 1992, the BCPS committee thrust upon me the responsibility of editing the planned Problemist Supplement (I had only offered to do the typesetting), John, as one of the many friends whom I had met through the hobby, was one of those I approached for help. I was delighted when he agreed to write a regular ‘Selections’ column for the new magazine, and he did so for two years between May 1992 and May 1994, introducing the readership to most of the basic terms and conventions of chess problems.

John wasn’t a prolific composer by any means, so in 1992 I was particularly pleased to publish the following problem. It is of a type he was especially fond of and is a version of a problem he had first published in the Evening Standard in 1955 but had never been totally happy with. The solvers enjoyed it. You can read their comments from The Problemist Supplement and see the solution, by clicking on the ‘Show Solution’ button.

John R Coward

The Problemist Supplement, 1992


Mate in 2

The BCPS sends its condolences to John’s wife Jean and the rest of his family and friends.

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