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Pentti Sola

2nd Prize, The Problemist Fairy Supplement, 1931


Helpmate in 2 (a) diagram (b) black bishop on b4 (c) black rook on b4

(a) 1.Sc2 Sc3 2.Sd4 Rxf5#
(b) 1.Be1 Sd2 2.Bf2 Re4#
(c) 1.Rb2 Sa3 2.Re2 Sc4#

Reason for choice: A remarkable early helpmate by an outstanding but sadly little remembered Finnish composer. At the time of its publication only about half a dozen sound original helpmates had as yet appeared in the magazine. It is remarkable not only for its elegance but because it uses the twinning form, which only much later came into prominence. People are still publishing originals like this even nowadays.

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