The Weekly Chess Problem 2014 The Weekly Chess Problem, 27th January 2014


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The Weekly Chess Problem, 27th January 2014
Written by Steve Giddins   

Christopher Reeves

1st Prize, Problem, 1969-1970


Mate in 2

The past week's post brought the January issue of The Problemist, and with it a lovely 40-page booklet prepared by various Society members, as a tribute to the late Christopher Reeves, who died a year ago. This week's problem is one of Christopher's finest twomovers, which, as top Serbian composer Marjan Kovacevic explains, in a warm tribute in the booklet, was the problem which first attracted him to twomovers. Look out for set play and tries, and Christopher's favourite theme of white correction.

Any comments or questions on this problem should be addressed to Steve Giddins (our Libarian and Archivist) using the 'Contact' item in the menu on the left.

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