The Weekly Chess Problem 2014 The Weekly Chess Problem, 22nd April 2014


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The Weekly Chess Problem, 22nd April 2014
Written by Steve Giddins   

Michael Barth

Harmonie, 1998


Mate in 2


This week, we make a rare foray into the world of fairy chess, with an example of the Anti-Circe condition. In this form, a capturing unit (K's included) is replaced on its square of origin, with the captured piece disappearing from the board. For example, a capture by the white queen sees that piece immediately reborn on d1. A capture is only legal if the rebirth square is free. In the case of a king capture, the e1/e8 square must be both free and not guarded by an enemy piece. Note that rooks and knights are reborn on the same colour square as the capture takes place, eg. a wS capturing on b4 reappears on g1, a BR capturing on f3 reappears on a8, etc.

In the above problem, we have a mate in two, with the Anti-Circe condition. Note that as the position stands, the move 1...Kxh2 is illegal, as the e8-square is presently guarded by the Bh5, but if (for example) the bP were on g6, then the capture Kxh2 would become possible.

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