The Weekly Chess Problem 2014 The Weekly Chess Problem, 2nd June 2014


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The Weekly Chess Problem, 2nd June 2014
Written by Brian Stephenson   

Paul Valois

The Problemist, 1993


Reflexmate in 2

In the absence on holiday of Steve Giddins, I am taking this opportunity of presenting a problem by our late treasurer, Paul Valois, who died on 15th May. Paul liked and composed reflexmates, so one of his seems appropriate. He dedicated this one to the 75th Anniversary of the BCPS and it appeared as one of twenty original problems in a ‘75th Anniversary Album’ in The Problemist in 1993.

In a reflexmate, White is to play and force an unwilling Black to mate him on his second move and if either side is able to mate in one, it must do so.

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