The Weekly Chess Problem 2013 The Weekly Chess Problem, 12th August 2013


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The Weekly Chess Problem, 12th August 2013
Written by Steve Giddins   

Milan Vukcevich

2nd Place, 6th WCCT, 1996-2001


Mate in 5

This week's problem is a case of “no pain, no gain”. It is a tough one to solve, but any time spent on the task will be amply rewarded by seeing this masterpiece by Vukcevich unfold. Those who require a clue, here it comes: the intended white mating move is Qd8 mate – your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to work out how to enforce the clearance of the many obstacles on the d-file!

Any comments or questions on this problem should be addressed to Steve Giddins (our Libarian and Archivist) using the 'Contact' item in the menu on the left.

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