The Weekly Chess Problem 2013 The Weekly Chess Problem, 18th November 2013


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The Weekly Chess Problem, 18th November 2013
Written by Steve Giddins   

Milan Vukcevich

Chess by Milan, 1981


Reflexmate in 2

This week, we have a problem type we have not seen in this column previously. A reflexmate is a selfmate (White, to play, must force a reluctant Black to mate him in the stipulated number of moves), but with one extra condition – either side MUST give mate in one, if able to do so. Thus, unlike a normal selfmate, where White must place Black in a position where every legal move involves mating White, here he only needs to put Black in a position where ONE of his legal moves is mate. However, at the same time, White must avoid ever being placed in a position where he himself is able to mate Black in one.

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