The Weekly Chess Problem 2013 The Weekly Chess Problem, 2nd December 2013


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The Weekly Chess Problem, 2nd December 2013
Written by Steve Giddins   

Zdravko Maslar

2nd Prize, Schach-Echo, 1980-1983


Helpmate in 3

(b) wK on g6; (c) wK on c1

With Christmas approaching, the spirit of generosity overwhelms me, so I am giving you three problems in one. The diagram is a helpmate in 3 (Black moving first, as always in helpmates!). When you have solved that, go back to the diagram, shift the wK to g6, and it is again helpmate in 3. Finally, part c) has the wK starting on c1, again a helpmate in 3. As you would expect, the three solutions are thematically linked.

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