The Weekly Chess Problem 2013 The Weekly Chess Problem, 9th December 2013


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The Weekly Chess Problem, 9th December 2013
Written by Steve Giddins   

Klaus Wenda

Prize, Schweizerische Schachzeitung, 1984-1985


Helpmate in 2, Circé, 4 solutions

This week's problem is something of an experiment for me, since I have not previously put up any fairy problems, and I know some solvers are allergic to them. But if you can't have a fairy at Christmas, when can you? So this is a helpmate in 2, which has four solutions, but with the Circé condition: with the exception of kings, a captured unit, of either side, is instantly reborn on its original game-array square, if that square is free (if the square is not free, the captured piece just disappears from the board in the usual way). Knights and rooks are reborn according to the colour square on which they are captured, eg. if the bRb8 in the diagram is captured on that square, it would be reborn on h8 (a dark square), but if it were to move to a white square and then be captured there, it would be reborn on a8. Pawns are reborn on the starting square of the file on which they are captured, so the wP on a7, if captured there, would be reborn on a2, etc.

A slightly long explanation, but I hope your solving journey will be less lengthy!

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