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2021-2022 – The Starter Problem

John Rice


White to play and mate in 2 moves

1.Qc6/Qb7? 1...b5/g6!

1.Qa8!   [ zugzwang ]

1...Bb8  2.Qa1#
1...b5   2.Qxa7#
1...g6   2.Qh8#
1...fS~  2.Q(x)d5#
1...gS~  2.Q(x)e4#

A dainty ‘4-corners’ problem.

Correct Solutions Submitted457
Incorrect Solutions Submitted366
Total Solutions Submitted823

The Starter was published in national newspapers and appeared on their websites and on the BCPS website. The numbers for each incorrect solution submitted were as follows:-

1.Qc6 202
1.Qh4 53
1.Qh2 31
1.Sg3 28
1.Qh8 24
1.Sd2 8
1.Qb7 5
1.Qg2 4
1.Qf3 2
1.Qe5 1
1.Qg1 1
1.Kd2 2
1.Se3 1
Illegal Moves 2
Claim of ‘No Solution’ 2
Total incorrect 366

“S” is the symbol for Knight.

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