BCPS Centenary Review 1918-2018
(Our new book celebrating the first hundred years of our Society)

Free copies of the book were sent out in April 2020 only to UK paper subscribers, and subsequently to UK electronic-only subscribers. On 18th December the book was despatched to subscribers in France, Germany, The Netherlands, USA and Canada, who have paid their subscriptions to cover 2019 or 2020. If we are assured that postal services in other countries are at least adequate our Printer will despatch the books to them.

IMPORTANT: Please email David Friedgood, the Assistant Treasurer, when you receive the book, so that he can check you off.

May Magazines

[Note: Some subscriptions are still outstanding – see page 90]

The May magazines were with the Printer on the 3rd and have been received by subscribers in the UK on the 22nd. It is likely that, in some countries, it will take a long time for the paper magazines to reach them. Please wait for 4 weeks from 22nd of May before reporting that your paper magazines have not arrived, and in the meantime check this Distribution message occasionally for updates.

The pdfs to e-subscribers were sent out in early May, including to those who also opt for paper copies. The bulk service incurred a few ‘bounces’, but they were all re-sent successfully.

The pdfs to our valued contributors were sent out on 25th of May. The bulk service incurred 1 ‘bounce’, but resending the attachments succeeded.

The archive of The Problemist is freely available in pdf format to the public on our website. The last 6 issues are excluded.
A complete archive of The Problemist Supplement is also freely available in pdf format on our website.

BCPS Lectures

We are planning to hold chess problem lectures by Zoom in 2021. We will host the events, and the software to display your problems. We need offers of lectures – please e-mail your offer to Christopher Jones.

Online Solving

We are organising several online solving tests, kindly prepared by Brian Cook. Announcements are being posted in the 'Latest Additions to the Site' tab below.

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