Owing to rising printing and distribution costs the Committee regrets that payment of members subscriptions for future years at the current rate can no longer be offered. Therefore, from the date of publication of the November issues of The Problemist and The Problemist Supplement subscription rates must be increased to Fellows £37.50, ordinary Members £30.00, and PDF Members £7.50.

The Committee wishes to emphasise that these increases are necessary for 2023 just to cover increased costs. Given the economic uncertainties particularly from energy costs, the Committee will keep the subscription charges under close review in each future year. Any advance subscriptions already received will be honoured at the old rates but, for the future, any payments received in advance will not be considered to be ‘in full and final settlement’ for the year in question. Therefore, a balancing payment may be requested to make good any shortfall. The Committee is aware that this does create difficulties for overseas members, and it will seek to revert to the old system as soon as economic stability returns to the world’s commercial activities.

Further, for those members that settle their subscriptions via PayPal, the 5% addition to cover PayPal’s fees is no longer sufficient and the Committee suggests that members should add 7.5% instead for 2023 onwards.

Geoff Hicks


November Magazines: status at 12th January 2023

The PDF bulk runs were carried out over three days between the 31st of December to the 2nd of January. The Problemist, The Problemist Supplement and The Problemist Index Volume 28 2021-2022 (the latter to be sent separately) paper copies were received by UK subscribers around the 12th of January. We expect overseas subscribers will receive their magazines in good time. The PDFs will be sent to the Contributors during the next few days.

Any issues regarding the magazine runs should be directed to the Assistant Treasurer.

The archive of The Problemist is freely available in pdf format to the public on our website. The last 6 issues are excluded.
A complete archive of The Problemist Supplement is also freely available in pdf format on our website.

BCPS Lectures

We would like to hold chess composition lectures by Zoom. We will host the events, and the software to display your problems. We need offers of lectures — please e-mail your offer to Christopher Jones.

Online Solving

We are organising several online solving tests, kindly prepared by Brian Cook. Announcements are being posted in the 'Latest Additions to the Site' tab below.

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